Why did I not receive “Your Annual Report is Due” notice from the Comptroller?

The address is not correct at the Comptroller’s Office. The address on file may be your tax preparer’s, registered agent or the registration at the Secretary of State’s Office may be forfeited.

What is the fee for your services?

It depends on the complexity and time required for the solution, but we are more affordable than most service companies and no long-term contract is necessary.

Does the company require a long-term contract?


What does “Forfeiture of Right to Transact Business” mean to me as an officer or member of an entity?

It means a director, officer, member or partner could be held personally liable for taxes and other liabilities of the entity.

What is involved in the reinstatement of the right to transact business?

The entity must complete franchise tax filing requirements. We can help resolve the issue.

  • It could be a report has not been filed or was filed late.
  • There could be a balance due.
  • The public information or ownership report has not been filed.
  • There are other reasons too numerous to mention.

What is the late fee the Comptroller’s Office charges for reports filed after the due date?

The late fee is $50.00 for reports due in 2012 and later.

The registration for my entity is “Forfeited” at the Secretary of State’s Office. Can you help reinstate my registration?


Can someone take the name of my LLC or corporation while my registration is involuntarily ended(forfeited)?

Yes, the name is available for someone else to use for their entity.

Do you form corporations and LLC’s at the Texas Secretary of State’s Office?


If I formed a corporation or LLC in 2022 when is my first report due?

The first report will be due May 15, 2023.

Does my business need to be in the Austin, Texas area for your company to help me? 

No, it can be anywhere in Texas or the United States. All the transactions can be handled by phone, fax, email or internet.

 If I paid estimated liability do I owe it?

You do not owe it if your total yearly revenue is under the threshold of approximately $1 Million (See the What’s New tab on our website for the exact amount per report year). You just owe the $50.00 late fee, but a franchise tax report must be filed to receive a refund.

Do I have to reinstate to receive a refund of overpaid estimated liability?

No, but you must file reports through the date the registration was involuntarily ended(forfeited).

Do entities formed in another state have to file franchise tax in Texas?

Yes, they do if they have nexus in Texas. Nexus means having sufficient representation in Texas. We can help evaluate your situation.

Why was the due date for the 2020 Franchise Tax Report changed to July 15,2020?

It was changed because of COVID-19 to help businesses during the pandemic.

For the 2024 report period, if my corporation or LLC is under the no tax due threshold will I  need to file the Texas Franchise Tax No Tax Due Report, Form 05-163?

The legislature made some changes effective January 1, 2024. The no tax due threshold increased to $2,470,000.00. If the total annualized revenue is at or under this amount a tax report is not required but a Public Information Report, Form-102, must be filed.